How often should I get my bike serviced?

Are you a newcomer to the cycling world and just got your first bike since you were 12? Or have you been riding for as long as you can remember?

What ever the reason for you being here, your doing some research which is fantastic and this blog is for you!

There is no set hard and fast rule to how often you should get your bike serviced as you could imagine just like many different aspects of life there is a different time for everyone.

If you ride 100kms a day everyday we would probably say you might need to get your bicycle serviced a little more than the bicycle that only travels 40km a week, however there will be situations that are out of your control that would change the gap between your services or require an emergency repair.

I know this next sentence contradicts what we said above but as a base rule we would say you should get your bicycle serviced every 6 months minimum regardless of any mechanical issues present or not.

This really only applies if you don’t really ride your bike either at all or just dont ride it in the colder months and your bicycle is just sitting around in the shed this will keep your bike safe and clean so it is ready for you to go out on your next ride.

However if you are an active rider or commuter you should still have your bike serviced regularly (more than every 6 months) to keep it in the best condition you can to avoid unnecessary breakage in any part of the bicycle. This will avoid unnecessary spending on parts and pro long the life of the bicycle.

A good cleaning regime will also help you keep your bicycle maintained to its best ability. Could you imagine riding in a puddle or on some gravel and those fine bits sit in, build up and soak rubbing on moving parts, this build up will cause early wear and tear and require more servicing and replacement of worn down and broken parts.

To avoid these, We have a range of Australian made and owned premium bike care products from Shred Bike Care, such as there Degreaser and Fast Wash. 

Mixed in with all of this we suggest to taking care of your bike as best you can, of course somethings are unavoidable and will cause breakages and require servicing and repairs but if you are actively out there smashing your bike on trails be prepared to put some extra love into your bike. 

Need to get your bike in for a service visit our repairs page to see what suits your needs and give us a call to drop your bike off.

Happy and safe riding!

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