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KRUSH Illuminate Waterless Wash+Wax

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Type: Maintenance
KRUSH Illuminate Waterless Wash cleans and polishes your bike without the need for water! Combining the innovative benefits of its polymer wax formula and nano ceramic (Si02) technology. SiO2 Ceramic Wax is the most advanced protection that you can apply. This super hydrophobic water-based formula contains Silica Nano particles that will create a hard-coat protective barrier that repels water. KRUSH Illuminate Waterless Wash is perfect for maintaining your E-Bikes, MTBs and Roadies between heavier washes. Designed to be used exclusively with a microfibre cloth to lift and trap dirt away from your bike’s surface, KRUSH Illuminate is safe to use on all bike surfaces from carbon fibre, alloy, plastic, metal, gloss and matt finishes. With UV protection, KRUSH Illuminate’s rinse-free formula saves water, leaving a non-greasy, streak-free finish that will repel trail and road grime, keeping your bike cleaner, for longer.

Do not use on heavy dirt or mud, as this may lead to surface scratching. Please use KRUSH Foaming Rapid Wash.

• High-tech polymer wax formula with nano ceramic (Si02) technology details and protects
• Safe on carbon fibre, alloy, plastic, metal, gloss and matt finishes
• Ideal for cleaning E-Bikes
• No water needed
• Streak free factory finish
• Keeps your bike looking on point between heavy washing
• 750ml.


1: Shake bottle well to blend wax formula.

2: Spray mist over bike surface and gently wipe area with a clean microfibre cloth, removing light contaminants. With each wipe it is super important to use a clean section of the microfibre cloth to prevent scratching.

3: With another fresh microfibre cloth, buff over whole bike.