Kids Scooters are designed to be lighter and therefore easier for kids to handle. Pathways and skate parks are where they really hit their stride. They will typically feature softer handlebar grips on smaller models. As you work your way up the range, the equipment such as wheels & deck improve to keep up with the demands of the increasing level of skill as your kid becomes more experienced.

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a kids scooter though is the colour scheme and design!

Our range of scooters for sale come in a huge range of colours which ensures you’ll be able to find the perfect scooter for your young shredder’s taste and they’ll want to ride it for years to come.



Adult Kick Scooters have gained popularity in recent years and are commonly used for commuting and recreational riding.

They feature lightweight durable frames and those specifically designed for commuting tend to come with larger wheels and wider decks for a greater level of comfort and more control.

The alternative are skatepark scooters, which are essentially supersized kids scooters.



Whilst they are more expensive, Electric Scooters are great for commuting to and from work for those living inner city and central. These scooters like electric bikes use a battery to power an electric motor, although electric scooters do not require continual assist pushing. In fact, they only needing assistance when starting from a stop.




The general rule of thumb is that the handlebars should be around the same width as your shoulders. This will make for easier handling and more precise maneuverability. As you start to go narrower, you’ll notice it becomes more difficult to maintain balance and your ride will become awkward.



The overall weight of the scooter becomes important depending on the intended use. If you’re buying a kids scooter, you can opt for durable aluminium build which can withstand plenty of trips to the skatepark, while keeping the weight down for a faster paced ride.

If you’re purchasing an adult scooter primarily for commuting and recreational riding, you may want to look for an easy and quick folding system that’s lightweight enough to comfortably carry on public transport.



Scooter wheel sizes are generally quoted using the diameter of the wheel and the size of the core. 110mmx24mm is the typical wheel size you’ll find on most scooters and will be suitable for the majority of riders.

A larger core or wider diameter will generally translate to improved grip on the path or road, and better control and maneuverability.
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