About Us

Hi there welcome to our website.
Our names are Ashley and Danny, in the photo are our children Jett and Calliope and we own Gippy Cycles located in Traralgon, Victoria (Australia).
Family picture
Danny has been riding a bicycle since he was 4 years old. He has raced and ridden within Australia and has been a part of the cycling community for over 30 years and still is a part of that community today.
Danny had previously assisted a friend run their bike shop for many years and always had the dream to own his very own small bike shop and that is what started our journey as we moved back to Traralgon and opened a small little boutique shop in the Church street Arcade, It wasn’t big but it filled the dream he had for so long.
Danny was unsure how growing would work for us and I encouraged to grow his dream into a bigger and better shop and here we are today growing with the support of the community to provide you with a personalised experience that supports you in your cycling journey.
I (Ashley) am the supportive wife, who may not fully understand the bicycle world, but I do understand the dream Danny has and encourages him to grow and support him where it is needed along the way and I continue to learn with him.
As a business we want to continue to grow our business, support the community and give back in the same way that the community has been supporting us. We want to work with our local cycling club on getting more women into riding, Junior Development and further community events and opportunities.


We have a lovely team working with us and are super proud of how far all of our team members have come since starting. 

Standing row, left to right:
Le-ann - Office Manager
Ashley - Owner
Danny - Owner
Lachlan - Apprentice Mechanic
Callum - Apprentice Mechanic/Retail

Sitting row, left to right:
Calliope - Doesnt help, unless making a mess is helping :) 
Zane - Is no longer with us as he has gotten a job as an apprentice electrician and we will miss him. 
Joel - Casual retail and mechanic
Jett - Scooter builder (Of course all checked by Danny)
Colby - Casual retail and mechanic